鷹野隆大「光の欠落が地面に届くとき 距離が奪われ距離が生まれる」
 Ryudai Takano “When the absence of light touches the ground Distance is lost and distance created

©Ryudai Takano, Courtesy of Yumiko Chiba Associates, Zeit-Foto Salon

このたび、Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room shinjuku では、新作写真集「光の欠落が地面に届くとき 距離が奪われ距離が生まれる」の発行と同時に2年ぶりの個展(同タイトル)を開催する運びとなりました。

今回の新作で鷹野が取り組んだのは都市を行き交う人々の影です。街角の地面や壁に映し出されるそれらは、 平面に穴を穿つかのように奥行きを生み出します。人の眼が認識する間もなく消え去ってしまうこれら影の連 なりを、カメラを用いて像に定着し、そこに現れる距離を確かめようとしたのが今回の作品です。それは、平 面上に描き出されたものを被写体とする点において、写真の複写に近似した行為とも考えられます。と同時に、 これまで身体と都市をそれぞれ別個にテーマとしてきた鷹野にとって、都市の人影を被写体とした今回の作品 は、その両者をつなぐ新たな試みとも言えるでしょう。

また本展は、NADiff Gallery での個展「距離と時間」と同時開催いたします。あわせてご高覧いただけまし たら幸いです。

鷹野隆大 「光の欠落が地面に届くとき 距離が奪われ距離が生まれる」
会期:2016年 11月 26日(土)– 12月 24日(土)
営業時間:12:00-19:00 定休日:日、月、祝日 
会場:Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room shinjuku
※レセプション パーティ:11月 26日(土)18:00 – 20:00


会期:2016年 11月 26日(土)– 2017年1月9日(月)
営業時間:12:00-20:00 定休日:月曜日(月曜が祝日の場合は翌日/年末年始休業あり)
会場:NADiff Gallery(NADiff A/P/A/R/T B1F)

会場:NADiff a/p/a/r/t 店内
鷹野隆大 x 新藤淳(国立西洋美術館研究員)
協力:Yumiko Chiba Associates
入場料:1,000円/ 新刊写真集をお買い上げの方は無料


Web: http://www.nadiff.com/?p=3958#EVENT
TEL: 03-3446-4977

■鷹野隆大 写真集

『光の欠落が地面に届くとき 距離が奪われ距離が生まれる』
デザイン:秋山伸 / edition.nord
仕様:B4変型、60頁、並製本、和 / 英

■ Takano Ryudai solo exhibition
“When the absence of light touches the ground Distance is lost and distance creat”
November 26 (Sat) – December 24 (Sat), 2016
Venue: Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room shinjuku
Opening Party: November 26 (Sat), 2016 18:00 – 20:00

Press Release (En) >>

Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room shinjuku will present a solo exhibition, When the absence of light touches the ground Distance is lost and distance created (titled the same as Takano’s new book) by Ryudai Takano after two years’ absence, simultaneously with the publication of his new photograph collection.

In his new works, Takano has worked on the shadow of people coming and going in a city. The shadows reflected on the ground and walls in a town create a depth as if drilling holes on a flat surface with light and shades. The series of these shadows disappears as soon as one’s eyes recognize it. In the works, Takano took hold of them as images with his camera and tried to find out the distance appearing in the images. It is assumed to be an act closely related to duplicating a photograph in terms of taking a thing shown on a flat surface as a subject. Moreover, Takano, who has taken so far a human body and a city as a theme separately, shows a new approach to connect both factors in the works exhibited this time which used the shadow of a person in a city as a subject.

For information, his another solo exhibition Time and Distance will be held at the same time at NADiff Gallery, Tokyo.

■ Exhibition held simultaneously
Ryudai Takano’s Solo Exhibition Time and Distance
November 26 (Sat)- January 9 (Mon), 2016
Venue: NADiff Gallery
(NADiff A/P/A/R/T B1F, 1-18-4 Ebis, Shibuya-ku, 150-0013, Tokyo)
Opening Hour: 12:00 – 20:00 
Closed: Mondays (except for National Holidays on Monday, in which case the Gallery is open on the holiday and closed the following Tuesday), Year-End & New Year’s holidays

■ Talk Event – to celebrate the publication of Ryudai Takano’s collection of photographs
November 26 (Sat), 2016, 14:00 -15:30
Venue: NADiff a/p/a/r/t
With Atsushi Shinfuji, Associate Curator, The National Museum of Western Art & Ryudai Takano
Cooperation: Yumiko Chiba Associates
Seating Capacity: 50
Admission fee:1,000 Yen (Free of charge for purchasing the new book)

*Booking required. Please fill in the application form in http://www.nadiff.com/?p=3958#EVENT
or please call 03-3446-4977.

■ Photograph Collection by Ryudai Takano
“When the absence of light touches the ground Distance is lost and distance created”
Release date: November 5, 2016
Published by Edition Nord
Designer: Shin Akiyama / edition.nord
Text: Yoshiro Noda
Editor: Mikiko Kikuta
Cooperated by Yumiko Chiba Associates
Distributed by: Sot-l’y-laisse Publishers
B4, 60 pages, Japanese/ English
Price: ¥5,500(plus 8% tax)
Limited edition of 600 copies



植松琢麿「chain reaction」出版記念トークイベント開催のご案内

この度、植松琢麿の作品集「chain reaction」の出版に合わせて、森啓輔氏(ヴァンジ彫刻庭園美術館学芸員)と小林公氏(兵庫県立美術館学芸員)をゲストに迎え、恵比寿NADiff a/p/a/r/tにてトークイベントを開催いたします。

「出版記念トークイベント 植松琢麿 × 森啓輔 x 小林公」
会場:NADiff a/p/a/r/t 店内 (東京都渋谷区恵比寿1丁目18-4 NADiff A/P/A/R/T)
登壇者:植松琢麿 × 森啓輔(ヴァンジ彫刻庭園美術館学芸員)× 小林公(兵庫県立美術館学芸員)
協力:Yumiko Chiba Associates

web: http://www.nadiff.com/?p=3370#event
TEL: 03-3446-4977
※受信制限をされている方は、NADiff a/p/a/r/tからのメールを受信できるように設定をお願いいたします。

■植松琢麿 作品集「chain reaction」
仕様:A5 判/128 頁/全編カラー/和英バイリンガル
発行:Yumiko Chiba Associates
*初版限定 700 部
*ご購入は、全国の書店、本展開催ギャラリー、もしくは YCA オンラインストアにて



Atsunobu Kohira 

©Atsunobu Kohira, Courtesy of Yumiko Chiba Associates


会期: 2016年10月17日(月) – 11月4日(金)
会場: ARTE エントランスホール(パリ)

October 17 – November 4, 2016
Venue: ARTE(Paris)
More Information>>



Frieze Masters

Yumiko Chiba Associates is please to announce our participation in
Frieze Masters October 6-9, 2016

Stand H7 Spotlight
Presenting works by Masafumi Maita
Japanese Photography and Art of the 1970s – A matrix for Masafumi Maita’s works

Situation No.1, 1973, Photo mural with lightbulb and applied paint, 190x200x10 cm
(c)Masafumi Maita, Courtesy of Yumiko Chiba Associates

■Frieze Masters 2016
The Regent’s Park, London

Opening time
Thursday 6 October: Premium Day, 11am – 7pm
Friday 7 October, 11am – 7pm
Saturday 8 October, 11am – 7pm
Sunday 9 October, 11am – 6pm

For further information>>



植松琢麿 Takuma Uematsu
「nowhere – どこでもないところからの眺め」

©Takuma Uematsu, Courtesy of Yumiko Chiba Associates

2016年10月21日(金)より、Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room shinjuku にて、植松琢麿の個展「nowhere – どこでもないところからの眺め」を開催いたします。

植松琢麿は、2010年にドイツのGALLERY Löhrlにて個展をし、本年10月には千葉市美術館にて展開されるプロジェクトの一人目の作家として個展を開催するなど、国内外で注目を集めています。



尚、本展はNADiff Galleryでの個展“space colony”と同時開催となります。ヴァンジ彫刻庭園美術館の森啓輔氏に論稿を寄せていただいた作品集も発売を予定しておりますので、是非こちらも併せてご高覧ください。

植松琢麿 「nowhere – どこでもないところからの眺め」
会期:2016年 10月 21日(金)– 11月 19日(土)
営業時間:12:00-19:00 定休日:日、月、祝日 
会場:Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room shinjuku
※レセプション パーティ:10月 29日(土)18:00 –


植松琢麿 ”space colony”
会期:2016年 10月 21日(金)– 11月 20日(日)
営業時間:12:00-20:00 定休日:月曜日(月曜日が祝日の場合は翌日)
会場:NADiff Gallery(NADiff A/P/A/R/T B1F)


会場:NADiff a/p/a/r/t
植松 琢麿x森 啓輔(ヴァンジ彫刻庭園美術館学芸員)x小林 公(兵庫県立美術館学芸員)
協力:Yumiko Chiba Associates

お電話でも承っております。TEL: 03-3446-4977


■植松琢麿 作品集 「chain reaction」
仕様:A5判 / 128頁 / 全編カラー / 和英バイリンガル
発行:Yumiko Chiba Associates

■Takuma Uematsu solo exhibition “nowhere”
October 21 (Fri) – November 19 (Sat), 2016
Opening Hours: 12:00-19:00 (Closed on Sundays, Mondays, National Holidays)
Venue: Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room shinjuku

■Reception Party
October 29 (Sat) 18:00-
Venue:Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room shinjuku

■Exhibition held simultaneously
Takuma Uematsu’s Solo Exhibition “space colony”
October 21 (Fri) – November 20 (Sun), 2016
Venue:NADiff Gallery
〒150-0013 NADiff A/P/A/R/T B1F, 1-18-4 Ebis, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hour: 12:00 – 20:00 
Closed: Mondays (except for National Holidays on Monday, in which case the Gallery is open on the holiday and closed the following Tuesday)

■Talk Event – to celebrate the publication of Takuma Uematsu’s collection of works
October 29 (Sat), 2016, 14:00-15:30
Venue:NADiff a/p/a/r/t
With Takuma Uematsu & Keisuke Mori, Curator, Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum & Tadashi Kobayashi, Curator, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art
Cooperation:Yumiko Chiba Associates
Free of charge
Seating capacity: 40
*Booking required. Please fill in the application form in http://www.nadiff.com/?p=3370#event
or please call 03-3446-4977.

■ chain reaction – A Collection of Works by Takuma Uematsu
Release Date: Early in November
Publisher: Yumiko Chiba Associates
Written by Keisuke Mori
Designed by Hiroyuki Onuma
A5, 128 pages, Japanese and English, color,
Tentative price: 2,300 Yen(tax exclusive)
*Limited first edition of 500 copies

Press Release (En) >>

Yumiko Chiba Associates is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Takuma Uematsu nowhere From October 21, 2016.

Takuma Uematsu has been attracting much attention inside the country and overseas; he held a solo exhibition at Galerie Löhrl in Germany in 2010 as one of his acclaimed shows internationally and his upcoming solo exhibition will start at Chiba City Museum of Art this October, as the first artist presenting in the latest project of the Museum.

With a theme of a relation between materiality of the body and life, Uematsu has created the installations in which various artificial materials and natural objects are freely combined, as well as the formed works with animals’ shapes. They seem to be contrary each other at first, however their mutual fluid connection has given birth to novel images and expressed new possibility of life.

In this video work, the flux of time existed in the image is added to life and substance, and viewers are invited to the boundary of the things swaying between them. Drifting about the boundary between human beings and animals, artificial and nature, and a world of consciousness and the real world, the things which seemed to be nothing to do with each other are now connected reticulately, and a world which could have been in the “past” future is presented.

The exhibition will be held after an interval of two years. Besides, Uematsu’s another solo exhibition space colony be held simultaneously at NADiff Gallery. In addition, “chain reaction”, A Collection of Works by Takuma Uematsu will be published, for which Mr. Keisuke Mori, Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum has written an essay.



daikanyama photo fair 2016

Shiho Yoshida“Log ♯3”, 2015 ©Shiho Yoshida, Courtesy of Yumiko Chiba Associates

“The Difference”




■daikanyama photo fair 2016
会期:2016年9月30日(金)- 10月2日(日) 
日時:11:00 – 21:00 (但し最終日は17:00まで)
会場:代官山ヒルサイドフォーラム(〒150-0033 東京都渋谷区猿楽町18-8)
入場料 : 大人 : \1,500 / 学生 : \1,000


■daikanyama photo fair 2016
September 30 (Fri) – October 2 (Sun), 2016 
11:00 – 21:00 (till 17:00 on October 2)
Venue: Daikanyama Hillside Forum (18-8 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0033)
Admission: Adult 1,500 Yen / Student 1,000 Yen

Press Release(En)>>

“The Difference”

Yumiko Chiba Associates will be participating in Daikanyama Photo Fair 2016, held from September 30 (Fri), 2016. In the exhibition five artists will represent how photographs have been expressed as visual media. They utilize the functionality and the recording aspect of photography and explore how our recognition of reality should be by adopting “difference” in their works, and continuously search how to capture the world in each own way.

Kanji Wakae has been active in various areas from the end of the 1960s, being free from media, and been presenting his works in the context of art. In his work, he adopts a way to combine cleverly the image shown and the object and to juxtapose them, which brings about a visual gap to viewers. Wakae makes use of this “difference” and induces an illusion in viewers. Here he questions the ambiguity of “seeing”.

Masafumi Maita presented photographs from the 1970s, while being active in the sculpture field. He sets a photograph as a ground and put some object on top of it, which completes a work but brings about a gap between two things. Wandering through the gap, a new relationship between these things is created. This shows us that a photograph is also a “thing” itself.

Ryudai Takano takes photographs which seek boundary of phenomena with motifs such as sexuality and a city. From the 1990s, he has been taking daily sceneries as “Daily Snapshots” without a break. From this series, two consecutive shots were picked up and presented, combined. In the work, the minute difference of a viewer’s line of sight is visualized. Then, it can be disclosed how our visual recognition about the usual “still” world we look at through photographs is against the nature, being unreal.

Wataru Yamamoto has been developing various works with a theme which records phenomena occurring in a relation between human beings and nature. Two works are exhibited, lining up: the one in which wrinkles are fixed on a cloth as substrate with cyanotype and the other one, a copy of the above work printed on a photographic paper. The objects for both works are same, but Yamamoto raises a question about the difference of the images occurred by the different substrates: whether it was brought due to the insufficient information about the print-outed image or just a change, what is the true nature of it.

Shiho Yoshida, the youngest of the five artists and a digital native, mixes the photographs which were quoted from Internet and actually shot by her. She copies them further and makes intentional differences between actual objects and final outputs. Yoshida persistently practices such a production procedure within the frame of photography technique and gives birth to new reality, not a product of imagination.

Each of the above-mentioned artists is skeptical about the existing recognition, system and custom in the world at all times. One can observe that they are commonly aware of inspiring viewers to think about things, initiated by the difference between the reality and the recognition.



植松琢麿 Takuma Uematsu
「星のみかた -What people do for astronomical observation?」


さや堂プロジェクト コンタクト・ゾーンvol.1
▪️植松琢麿 個展 
「星のみかたWhat people do for astronomical observation?」



ゲスト:植松琢麿、羽村太雅(国立天文台 広報普及員/柏の葉サイエンスエデュケーションラボ(KSEL)会長)