Summer Exhibition Vol.1
山本 渉 Wataru Yamamoto 「夏の陽 / The Summer Sun」

©Wataru Yamamoto, Courtesy of Yumiko Chiba Associates

2016年8月23日(土)より、Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room shinjukuにて、Summer Exhibition Vol.1 山本渉個展「夏の陽」を開催いたします。 本展は麻布十番にある展示スペースCale / Field Sewing Tokyoとの合同開催となり、今年1月に弊廊での個展にて発表をしたサイアノタイプ(青写真)シリーズの新作を展示致します。 Caleでは、紫外線に感光性のある液体を一枚布にたらした「しみ そめ しわ」シリーズを、弊廊では、同様の液体を染み込ませて準備した写真Tシャツを被写体となる人物が着用して感光させ、その体型や動きの癖によってできるしわの陰影を記録する「夏の陽」シリーズを発表致します。約一週間という短い展示期間となりますが、この機会に是非ともご高覧ください。


Summer Exhibition Vol.1
「夏の陽 / The Summer Sun」
2016年8月23日(火)- 8月27日(土)
営業時間:12:00-19:00 定休日:会期中無休
会場:Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room shinjuku(東京)

「しみ そめ しわ / SHIMI SOME SHIWA」
2016年8月23日(火)- 8月28日(日) 9月4日(日)*会期延長
営業時間:11:00 – 20:00
会場:Cale / Field Sewing Tokyo(東京)

8月27日(土) 18:00 – 20:00
会場:Cale / Field Sewing Tokyo(〒106-0044 東京都港区東麻布 3-4-6,1F)

Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room shinjuku is pleased to present from August 23, 2016,
Summer Exhibition Vol.1, a solo exhibition The Summer Sun by Wataru Yamamoto.

This exhibition, held jointly with Cale/Field Sewing Tokyo, an exhibition space in Azabu Juban, Tokyo, will present Yamamoto ‘s new works for the cyanotype series (blue print) which was shown in his solo exhibition in our gallery, January this year.

The series Summer Sun with his new works will show a record of shadows of wrinkles made by the body shape or habit of movements of the person who put on a photo-T-shirt (which had absorbed the solution sensitive to ultraviolet light beforehand) and was exposed to the sun, keeping that T-shirt on. While, Cale/Field Sewing Tokyo will feature Shimi Some Shiwa series by Yamamoto, which was produced by dripping the similar solution as the above on a cloth.

These two exhibitions will be held for a short period, about a week.

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■Solo Exhibition, Shimi Some Shiwa by Wataru Yamamoto (held at the same time)
Summer Exhibition Vol.1
“The Summer Sun”
August 23 (Tue) – 27 (Sat), 2016
Venue:Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room shinjuku
Park Grace Shinjuku Bldg., 206,
4-32-6 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023

“Shimi Some Shiwa”
August 23 (Tues) – August 28 (Sun), 2016, September 4 (Sun), 2016,
11:00-20:00, Open throughout the period
Venue:Cale/Field Sewing Tokyo, 1F, 3-4-6 Higashiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0044
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Reception Party (Two venues will combine)
August 27,18:00 – 20:00
Venue: Cale / Field Sewing Tokyo