daikanyama photo fair 2017
Yumiko Chiba Associates (Booth No.G2)

(upper left) Naruki Oshima “Still life on a table: something round”, 2017 lambda print
©Naruki Oshima, Courtesy of Yumiko Chiba Associates
(upper right) Nobuhiro Nakanishi “Layer Drawing – 16 x 16 / Egg”, 2006 laser print, wood frame ©Nobuhiro Nakanishi, Courtesy of Yumiko Chiba Associates
(bottom) Atsunobu Kohira “Harmonie de quatre constellations”, 2014 C-print 40 x 50 cm (sheet) ©Atsunobu Kohira, Courtesy of Yumiko Chiba Associates




 中西信洋は、自身の彫刻的経験を基に、物質をポジとして、その後ろにある(もしくは取り囲んでいる)空間をネガとして認識することで、地と図の関係を、時に物質的なものと非物質、見えるものと見えないものといった二項対立するものに変え、両極から同在する世界を作品化してきました。本展に出展する“Layer Drawing”においては、燃え広がる紙や、卵が潰れて変化していく様子を連続撮影した写真を集積させ彫刻化することで、空間の中に時間が表出する様を視覚化します。

 身体の喪失感が増しアイデンティティの拠り所が問われる今日において、小平篤乃生は、生命としての身体を循環させるエネルギーについて近年関心を寄せています。特に、見ることも触れる事もできないけれど確かに存在している「音」は重要なモチーフの一つとなっており、本展では、カルテット(四重奏)が演奏しているあいだ長時間露光を行い、奏者に付けたLEDライトの光の軌跡を撮影した“Harmonic de quatre constellations”を出展します。暗闇の中で響き合う音によって空間が満たされていく様子が写真を通して可視化されます。


■daikanyama photo fair 2017
日時:11:00 – 21:00(但し最終日は17:00まで)
入場料:一般1,500円 / 学生1,000円


■daikanyama photo fair 2017
Artist: Naruki Oshima, Nobuhiro Nakanishi, Atsunobu Kohira
September 29 (Fri) – October 1 (Sun), 2017
Open Hours: 11:00 – 21:00 (Closes at 17:00 on the last day)
Admission Fee: Adults ¥1,500 / Students ¥1,000
Organizer: Fine-Art Photography Association

Press Release(En)>>

Yumiko Chiba Associates will participate in daikanyama photo fair 2017 which starts on Friday, September 29, 2017.

Our exhibition will present artists who attempt to visualize in space phenomena and concepts that are not perceptible with human eyes by their own methods, using the medium of photography.

Naruki Oshima created singular landscapes by joining together in a grid-like fashion several-hundred shots he had taken with various depths of field and focal distances to recompose them as one photograph. They bring to us unknown visual experience and also let us realize how ambiguous a visual image (our impression) can be, so as to sway the way we recognize the objects before our eyes.
The show will introduce his new series of works titled Still life on a table. As the distances between the objects in these photographs are blurred as if melting, the relationship between them will consequently be reconsidered so that a new type of space is developed.

Based on his experience in sculpture, Nobuhiro Nakanishi recognized materials he employed as positive pictures and the space behind (or surrounding) it as negatives. Thus, he changed the relationship between figures and grounds to that of the two antithetical things such as material objects and immaterial ideas, or the visible and the invisible to make into art the world existing in two opposing concepts at the same time. In Layer Drawing exhibited in this show, the photographs taken of burning paper or the breaking of an egg and its changing states in continuous shooting have been accumulated to be formed as sculptures, thereby visualizing how time might expresses itself in space.

Being in the contemporary world where the loss of our bodily sensations are increasingly felt, and the base of our identities often questioned, Atsunobu Kohira has in recent years shown interest in energy that enables the circulation of body as life. Especially, the element of sound which certainly exists but invisible and untouchable in space has been an important motif in his work. Exhibited in this show is Harmonic de quatre constellations, which photographed in long exposure the track of the beams from LED lights attached to the players of quartet music during their performance. In this piece, the process of a space being filled with resonating sounds in darkness is visualized through photography.