Critical Archive vol.3 批評 前/後――継承と切断 書籍刊行&トークイベント
Critical Archive vol.3 Japanese Art Criticism: Before/After−Succession and Severance Publication and Event Announcement

この度、ユミコチバアソシエイツでは、「美術批評の批評」をテーマに、日本の戦前から戦後にかけての美術批評を再検証することを目的とした研究冊子『Critical Archive vol.3 批評 前/後――継承と切断』を刊行致します。

 2014年、第二次大戦を通して新たな絵画的諸問題に直面した画家たちの実践を取り上げながら、その思考が戦後の活動にいかに表出されたかを論じた書籍『Critical Archive vol.2 前夜/前線 Critical Perspectives on World War Ⅱ and Painting』を刊行致しました。シリーズ続編となる本書は、複数の時代/人材を繋ぐ結節点である1950年代前後の美術批評を軸として、戦前から戦後にかけて展開されてきた近代美術批評を再考し、現在の美術批評の在り方について探求します。



Critical Archive vol.3 批評 前/後――継承と切断

『思考の再演─ 芸術批評の状況』 沢山 遼(美術批評)
『中井正一と「委員会」』 土屋誠一(美術批評家、沖縄県立芸術大学准教授)
『現実(インチキ)大合戦─ 花田清輝のシュル・ドキュメンタリズム』 成相肇(東京ステーションギャラリー学芸員)
『傍観者の論理─ 森鷗外、花田清輝、東野芳明』 野田吉郎(表象文化論、美術批評)

ISBN978-4-908338-07-6 C0070 3000E

※『Critical Archive vol.2 前夜/前線 Critical Perspectives on World War Ⅱ and Painting』も好評発売中です。

2017月年3月30日(木) 19:00-21:00
会場:Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room shinjuku

件名「批評 前/後トークイベント」、お名前、ご住所、電話番号をご明記のうえ、まで、メールにてお申し込みください。


■Publication details
Title: Critical Archive vol.3 Before/After――Succession and Severance

‘A repeat performance of thought – the state of Japanese art criticism’ by Ryo Sawayama (art critic)
‘Masakazu Nakai and the “committee”’ by Seiichi Tsuchiya (art critic and associate professor, Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts)
‘The real/phony battle – Kiyoteru Hanada’s “surreal documentarism”’ by Hajime Nariai (curator, Tokyo Station Gallery)
‘The logic of the bystander – Ogai Mori, Kiyoteru Hanada, Yoshiaki Tono’ by Yoshiro Noda(researcher in studies of culture and representation, art critic)

Supervised by Ryo Sawayama
Written by Ryo Sawayama, Seiichi Tsuchiya, Hajime Nariai, Yoshiro Noda
Edited by Taku Sakurai
Designed by Hiroyuki Konuma
Published by Yumiko Chiba Associates.
Format: A5 Number of pages: 104 Languages: Japanese and English bilingual
Publication Date: March 1, 2017
Price: 3,000JPY ISBN978-4-908338-07-6 C0070 3000E
A print run for the first edition: 500

Sold at bookstores and Yumiko Chiba Associates, as well as on YCA website.
Critical Archive vol.2, Eve/ Frontline: Critical Perspective on World War II and Painting is also on sale.

■Special program
Event title:Panel session by Sawayama, Tsuchiya and Nariai
Date:March 30, 2017
Venue:Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room shinjuku
Seating capacity:25
To book:Send an application email under the subject line ‘Japanese Art Criticism: Before/After’ to with your details: name, address, and a telephone number.
Critical Archive vol.3 will be sold at a special price of ¥2,500 on the day.

Press Release(En)>>

Yumiko Chiba Associates is proud to announce the publication of a research book Critical Archive vol.3 Before/ After―Succession and Severance. The book’s objective is ‘the criticism on art criticism,’ and it reexamines the Japanese art criticism from before the Second World War to the post war era.

 Critical Archive vol. 2, Eve/Frontline Critical Perspectives on World WarⅡand Painting, the preceding volume of the same series published in 2014, considered the practice of painters who faced new pictorial issues through their war experiences and how their thoughts of the time were expressed in their activities after the war. The new volume, focuses on art criticism of around the 1950s, which functioned as a nodal point connecting multiple periods and people from different generations, to have a rethink on the modern art criticism of before and after the war, thereby exploring the present state of art criticism.

Commemorating the publication of the new volume, a panel session by the general editor and contributing writers is going to be held at Yumiko Chiba Associates viewing room Shinjuku. It is expected to be as successful as the symposium of 2015 that was held on the occasion of the project launch.